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  • Basement Renovations

    Create a Basement For Yourself or Renters

    Basements can mean different things for people living in Fort McMurray. For some homeowners, a basement renovation can mean extra space in their home to relax; for others, it means income. Whatever the situation is for you, we can help. Fort McMurray Home Renovations has expertise in basements and basement suites. When hiring a General Contractor to finish your basement, you must hire someone knowledgeable about the city's laws and permits. We can obtain permits for your Basement Renovation to ensure that not only is the renovation work completed with excellence, but everything is legal and up to par.

  • Basement Renovation in Fort McMurray, Alberta
  • Your Basement Renovation

    Fort McMurray Home Renovations is the expert for your Basement Renovation. We are able to complete any and all areas of your basement. Whether you have a home that needs the basement finished or you are looking to put in a basement suite, we can help.


    Many of our customers also come to us wanting to renovation a current basement suite to make it a better income property. From kitchens, to bathrooms, framing, flooring, painting, baseboards and casings, we do it all! Our job is to listen to our customer and hear what they want for their basement so that we can achieve their desired outcome.

    Support For Planning & Design

    When it comes to your basement renovation, no other contractor can help you like Fort McMurray Home Renovations. The basement is a big part of your home. The way that it is finished drastically affects the value of your home. It is not just about having a finished basement, but having it completed professionally, with all the required permits.


    This might sound stressful for some homeowners, but it does not have to be with Fort McMurray Home Renovations. We are able to take care of all the needs that arise from your basement renovation. Our first goal is to meet with our customer and thoroughly look through your space. During this time we want to hear from you. Understanding exactly what you want for your basement is extremely important to us. Once we hear from you we will put together a plan according to your needs, budget, and timeframe. Depending on what you desire for the finished outcome of your basement, we may make some suggestions based on our expertise to make sure that everything can be completed well and with excellence.

  • Before & After

  • The Process

    As mentioned above, one of the most essential things when beginning a basement renovation is hearing from you, the customer. Once we have looked through the area, we will devise a plan according to your needs, budget, and timeline. We will set a start date to come in and begin the work.


    If the project consists of completing an unfinished basement, we will bring in all the necessary materials, such as lumber, to begin framing. If the project is a renovation, then we will start the demolition. We will communicate with you regarding how long different aspects of your basement renovation will take. Depending on the size and scope of your basement, renovation demolition may take a few days, but often we can complete demolition in a day or two.

    Moving forward, we continue to work on your basement! Framing, insulation, heating, plumbing, electrical, drywall, mudding and taping, paint, flooring, and everything else required to get your basement exactly how you want it! If a kitchen and bathroom are included in your basement renovation, that is also something we will work diligently on. Installing cabinetry, showers, bathtubs, sinks, appliances, and all other elements of your basement renovation.

  • Finishing Your Basement

    Attention to detail is essential in any renovation, and when it comes to your basement, it is no different. We will do a pre-final walkthrough with you to test and examine every area to ensure we address any areas that need attention. Lastly, before we leave for the last time, we will do a final walkthrough to ensure everything is perfect and you are happy with your Basement Renovation!

  • Basement Renovation in Fort McMurray, Alberta

    You Can Trust Us With Your Basement Renovation

    When it comes to your home, only trust the best. Fort McMurray Home Renovations is the best choice for your Basement Renovation. All our quotes are Free with no obligation. Please fill out the form below or call us at (587) 418-0155 for your free quote!

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